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Student Organization

Start a New Student Organization: New Organization Proposal Process

Provisional Registration Status

Thank you for showing interest in starting a new student organization! New Spring 2020, any individual or group whom is interested in starting a new student organization or reactivating an inactive student organization must apply for provisional registration status before obtaining full registration. Provisional registration status is designed to give groups the opportunity to establish itself on campus, navigate the management of a student organization, host interest meetings and small group events, and strengthen membership.

Provisional groups are permitted to do the following:

  1. Participate in the Student Organization Expo
  2. Reserve space using EMS (*Large spaces and athletic facilities cannot be reserved)
  3. Advertise interest meetings and small group events (Events designed for the purpose of member recruitment)
  4. Host interest meetings and small group events (Events designed for the purpose of member recruitment)
  5. Collaborate with other student organizations

Provisional groups are prohibited from the following:

  1. Apply for SA funds of any kind
  2. Open an SA Non-Funded account
  3. Apply for grants (CAS, GLK, etc.)
  4. Fundraise
  5. Host campus-wide events
  6. Create a Geneseo email account for the group (Must use personal Geneseo email)
  7. Design apparel with the organization's name


During the provisional period, interested groups must complete the list of requirements below to be considered by full registration. Failure to complete the list of requirements by the designated date will result in revocation of provisional status. Following the conclusion of the provisional period, the New Organization Review Committee will review the group's submissions and make recommends for full registration. The provisional period will extend from the date provisional registration is granted to the last day of classes. It is within the discretion of the New Organization Review Committee to extend the provisional period to an additional semester. 

Before provisional registration status is granted 

*Groups CANNOT conduct any business or activity, reserve space or publicity, and host any meetings or events UNTIL provisional registration has been granted by the Assistant Director.

  1. Find an advisor: The name of the advisor must be included on the Intent to Register form 
  2. Submit an Intent to Register form with the Department of Student Life: Submission of this form does not guarantee provisional registration status. The form will be reviewed by the Assistant Director who will notify you within two weeks of the submission of whether or not provisional registration status has been granted. See below for submission deadline:
    • Fall 2021: October 8
    • Spring 2022: March 11
  3. Meet with the Assistant Director of Student Life to discuss the mission, vision and goals of your proposed student organization. Please email to set up a meeting.

During provisional registration period (*These requirements do not need to be completed in this order*)

All requirements DUE the 2nd to last Monday of the semester!

  1. Meet with the Assistant Director two times during the provisional period. Please email to schedule meetings. 
  2. Read the Student Organization Handbook
  3. Submit a complete roster of 10-15 students
  4. Attend 2 GOLD workshops and submit reflections. Two workshops total. Any member of your executive board can attend. Must be a GOLD workshop from the provisional registration semester.
  5. Develop a constitution using the constitution template
  6. Establish an executive board with designated position responsibilities. President and treasurer are mandatory positions. These positions cannot be occupied by the same person
  7. Develop a Sustainability Plan for the group's first year of full registration on campus identifying goals, and recruitment and retention efforts.
  8. Complete the New Organization Application
  9. Record all group activity such as meetings held, events hosted, publicity used. This will be submitted. Please use a Google Document.
  10. Print and submit the Candidate Release Form to CU 306
  11. Additional requirements for the following groups:
    • Academic Organizations: Letter of support from the sponsoring academic department must be sent to
    • Club Sports (Please include the following items in your application materials)
      • Examples of four other colleges in the area that play a like-sport
      • Letter of support from the Conference the group wishes to join
      • Letter of support from the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation
      • Conference schedule for the last two years
      • Outline a plan of insurance and explain how the club will afford the costs
      • Outline coaching plan (Coaches can be a member of the team who has been adequately trained in the skill or a volunteer outside the College)
    • Honorary: Letter of recognition or support from the national or international affiliated organization. These letters should be on the national or international organization's official letterhead and it should identify a point of contact for the national or international organization
  12. Complete the provisional registration status period 
    • Fall 2021: Date provisional status is granted to December 13  (Last Day of Classes)
    • Spring 2022: Date provisional status is granted to May 12 (Last Day of Classes)

After the Provisional Registration period

Upon completion of the provisional registration period, the New Organization Review Committee will review the application materials provided by the group. If the Committee deems the application groups materials satisfactory, the Committee can recommend the group for full registration. The application materials will be forwarded to the Director of Student Life, who makes recommendations. All recommended applications will be forwarded to the Vice President for Student and Campus Life. It is the discretion of the New Organization Committee to extend the provisional status period. Notification of these recommendations will be sent to the appropriate group members in the coming weeks.

College Registered (Full Registration) Status

Full registration status, or officially College registered, student organizations at SUNY Geneseo are:

  1. any student-driven group whose primary membership and entire leadership consists of students currently enrolled at SUNY Geneseo and who are playing the student mandatory activities fee
  2. form in order to contribute to the student's personal development and the advancement of the College Mission and Values
  3. non-credit bearing
  4. officially registered with the College

The policies and procedures of SUNY Geneseo supersede any outside affiliation or inter/national entity for all organizations that have affiliations outside of Geneseo.

Full registration does not imply college endorsement of the positions and views of any organization. Rather, it implies that the institution accepts the organization’s mission as educationally valid and that the organization has complied with institutional registration and continuing registration procedures. For this reason, student organizations are prohibited from taking “Geneseo” in front of the organization name. Instead, student organizations are permitted to place “Geneseo” at the end of the name. For example, “Piano Club at Geneseo” or “Piano Club of Geneseo” are acceptable formats.

Full registration with the College does not permit the organization to act in the name of the university, to represent the university, engage in any contractual obligation in the name of the university, nor represent the organization as being an official part of the university.

Student groups that are formed and sponsored by academic and administrative departments, in the pursuit of research, administrative activities and academic endeavors, are not considered college registered student organization.  The sponsoring academic or administrative department assumes responsibility for the group and therefore can reserve space for the group under the department's

Officers of Proposed Organizations must agree to:

  • Be in good academic and conduct standing with the College
  • Uphold all College and State University regulations and State and Federal law
  • Keep organization funds in an official depository
  • Maintain accurate financial records which can be available for inspection by organization members
  • Provide equal opportunity in the selection of members, assignment of privileges, and provision of all benefits and services to members.
  • There will be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, or sexual orientation.  The only exception to this policy of open membership is that social sororities and fraternities may limit their membership by gender.

Benefits of Being College Registered

A College-registered student organization has the ability and privilege to:

  • Use the College name, services, equipment, and facilities (if available)
  • Solicit membership on and off-campus
  • Be listed as a student organization in College publications and media
  • Fundraise on and off campus with the approval of the Director of Student Life
  • Reserve any room on campus for organizational activities through Campus Scheduling and Special Events
  • Request food orders through Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS)
  • Utilize all aspects of publicity on campus in accordance with the College’s Sign and Poster Regulations
  • Reserve a table at the Student Organization Expo
  • Apply for programming grants through Geneseo Late Knight or Upstate Escapes
  • Open a SA Non funded account, which has no fees or question of individual liability
  • Apply for a SA Funded Account
  • Collaborate with other student organizations on campus such as Geneseo Campus Activities Board, Inter-Residence Council, Academic Affairs Committee, etc.
  • Use a campus email account and webpage
  • $5 free of charge printing account each academic year