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Student Organizations


Fundraising is one of the most common ways to generate revenue for an organization. Here at Geneseo, we encourage organizations to take advantage of their fundraising opportunities. Fundraising is permitted by College registered student organizations for direct program cost, internal operations of college organizations, or contributions to non-profit, external political and charitable organizations. Fundraising associated with the sale or consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

Procedures: All College registered student organizations' fundraising activities must be approved by the Director of Student Life before the fundraiser can be held. The Fundraising Permission Application Request Form can be found online only!

In order to fundraise properly, there are certain guidelines we ask you to follow.  Below is a detailed outline of the steps to perform before and after the event fundraising properly.

Before Event:

1. Determine Cause
2. On-Campus or Off-Campus
  • The next step is decide whether to fundraise on or off-campus. If you want to fundraise on campus, you can contact the Office of Campus Scheduling or use EMS (Event Management System) to reserve space. If you would like to utilize a lobby table for fundraising, please use the EMS system. If you decide to use the EMS system, only the organization’s designated person can reserve space. This person is usually the president. If you decide to fundraise off campus, you must receive special approval from the owner of the establishment stating that he or she is granting your organization permission to fundraise on their property. This special approval must be emailed to the Assistant Director of Student Life for Co-Curricular Involvement at in addition to the Fundraising Permission Application Request Form. Large spaces such as the outdoor quads, College Union Ballroom, and College Union Lobby (excluding lobby tables) must be reserved directly through the Office of Campus Scheduling and Events. They can be reached at 585-245-5500, or by visiting them in Erwin 23.   Please note: the College Green is not an event space – it is only used for First Knight following Academic Convocation and at all other times is designed and meant to be a location and space for casual use and enjoyment. Field and gym space must be reserved through the Athletics Department by contacting Brooks Hawley, Recreation Director, at
3. Fundraising Permission Application Request Form
  • The next step is to submit the Fundraising Permission Application Request form but only after you have received approval for space. Once you have received approval, please forward these approval/confirmation documents to the Assistant Director of Student Life for Co-Curricular Involvement ( You can find this form here or on the Student Organizations’ page. THIS FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT! Failure to submit this form on time may lead to a delay in fundraiser approval. Permission will be granted or denied and you can check the progress of your submission by going to
4. Food
  • Do you plan on using food as a method of fundraising or at a fundraising function? If yes, you have 3 options. 
    • CAS: You can visit the CAS website at to view your food options
    • Third party Vendor: Bringing a third party vendor onto campus requires the approval of CAS
    • Store bought, prepackaged items: You must receive the approval of the Director of Student Life/Assistant Director of Student Life for Co-Curricular Involvement to sell these items
    • The sale of prepared foods by individuals is prohibited. All foods for fundraisers must be prepared in a county or CAS approved facility.

*CAS food waiver is not required if you are hosting an event at the Interfaith Center*

5. Logos and Licensing:
  • Groups cannot take the name “Geneseo” or “SUNY Geneseo” in front of their student organization name. All designs that use this format will be denied approval.
  • As a reminder, full registration does not imply college endorsement of the positions and views of any organization. Rather, it implies that the institution accepts the organization’s mission as educationally valid and that the organization has complied with institutional registration and continuing registration procedures. For this reason, student organizations are prohibited from taking “Geneseo” in front of the organization name. Instead, student organizations are permitted to place “Geneseo” at the end of the name. For example, “Piano Club at Geneseo” or “Piano Club of Geneseo” are acceptable formats. 
  • Student organizations who wish to imprint and sell apparel or promotional items that identify SUNY Geneseo may do so using the Artwork Approval Form, but the designs must be approved by the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Responsibilities, Doty Hall 229, phone ext. 5297, For questions relating to the use of SUNY Geneseo on apparel or promotional materials please contact the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Responsibilities, Brian Bennett ( Design approval must be received and sent to prior to fundraiser approval.
5. Publicity​​​
  • The fifth step is determining the publicity. In order to promote any fundraiser or event on campus, you must wait for the Fundraising Permission Application Request Form to be approved. Once it is approved, you may reserve publicity for the Union through the EMS system. 

  • Other promotion spaces on campus include:
    • Academic Buildings: If you are looking to hang a flyer or poster in an academic building, please attach it to one of the general bulletin boards in the building
    • Residence Halls: For advertising in residence halls, please see your RA or Area Coordinator
    • Dining Halls: If you would like to advertise in the dining halls, please seek CAS approval via the dining hall manager
    • All publicity must adhere to the College Sign and Poster Regulation
  • Other promotion options include:

After event: 

1. Submit documentation to the Department of Student Life
  • Following the conclusion of the event, the organization has 10 days to submit documentation to the Department of Student Life indicating how much money was raised and where it was deposited. Forms of documentation can include: 
    • Letters from charitable organization with the amount donated
    • Student Association Deposit Slip
    • Bank Deposit Slip
    • Copy of a check to the charitable organization with the amount donated
    • Receipts indicating totals spent and received
  • Forms of documentation can be scanned and emailed to or brought to the Department of Student Life office, College Union Room 305

Other Fundraising Resources:

1. Fundraising Ideas

2. Permission to Fundraise Request Procedures

3. Fundraising Permission Application Tracking

*Raffles and games of chance are strictly prohibited as a form of fundraising. Raffle tickets of any kind may NOT be sold as a fundraising activity. Only games of skill are permitted after consultation with the Director of Student Life, in CU 306. Give-a-ways are permitted.
Bake sales require CAS written approval. Please submit CAS written approval to*