All-Gender Housing

All-gender housing is a popular choice for students looking to live in a residence hall that allows roommate and suitemate groups regardless of gender expression, gender identity, or biological sex assigned at birth. While all residence halls at SUNY Geneseo provide safe and inclusive living environments, when filling out the application for all-gender housing, students are not asked to check a gender “box”. No student is assigned to an all-gender room or suite, however, without requesting this option or indicating on their housing application they are comfortable with being placed there. All RAs in the residence halls are safe-zoned trained and RAs placed in all-gender housing areas on campus receive additional training to support LGBTQ+ students and outreach to related to underrepresented identities. 

It is important to note that all-gender housing options, although designed for students in the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, also allows for students who do not identify as LGBTQ+ or allies to live in these spaces.  If students are interested in living in a room or suite dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, please indicate that on your housing application.  If you have already submitted your housing application, but would like to indicate your preference now, please complete this google form.

Frequently Asked Questions

students in quadWhat is all-gender housing?

All-gender housing allows for students signing up for these areas to be permitted to have roommates and suitemates regardless of gender identity and/or expression.

What is the purpose of all-gender housing?

All-gender housing seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities and is not limited to the traditional gender binary (male and female).

Is all-gender housing reserved for only LGBTQ+ students?

No.  All-gender housing is a mix of LGBTQ+ students, LGBTQ+ allies, and straight/cis students who are opting for mixed-gender housing.  If you are interested in a space dedicated to LGBTQ+ students and allies, indicate that on your housing application (in the all-gender housing section). If you're already submitted your housing application, but are interested in this opportunity, please fill out the google form.

Should I disclose why I want to live in all-gender housing in my housing application?

Students will not be required to reveal their reasons for opting to live in all-gender housing. However, there is a section that does allow you disclose if you would like to live in all-gender housing and provide a reason if you so choose. 

Can I live with my romantic partner?

Romantic relationships within the same living space are not encouraged. While none of our housing options are intended for intimate relationships, we respect and honor the privacy of our students. We encourage students to make mature decisions about their living arrangements and make roommate choices that will help them experience a successful academic year.

Can I request a suitemate or roommate in all-gender housing?

Yes, when you have identified a potential suitemate/roommate, you must both request each other through our Symplicity housing software. It is important that all roommate and suitemate requests be mutual.