FAQ About Study Abroad

Below is a list of frequently asked questions from students who are considering studying abroad. If you don't see your question listed on here, please email studyabroad@geneseo.edu or stop by our office in Erwin Hall 218. 

How do I choose a study abroad program?

When choosing a program, it is important to consider: 

Program Type – Would you like to travel independently or in a group? 

Faculty-Led Programs – Students travel with a Geneseo faculty member and other Geneseo students, taking a Geneseo course, and receive Geneseo credit. 

Host Institution Programs – Students travel to a partner campus and enroll in the institution alongside students from all over the world! 

Service-Learning Programs – Students travel to a community abroad, live amongst local people, and serve the community while learning from the practices of that community. 

Duration – For how long do you want to go? Duration of programs differ widely. 

Spring Break – 6-9 days abroad 

Winter/Intersession – 3-4 weeks abroad 

Summer – 2-12 weeks abroad. Most summer programs last 4 weeks. 

Semester – 3-6 months abroad 

Academic Year – 8-11 months abroad 

Location – Where do you want to go? 

SUNY offers study abroad programs on all 7 continents and Geneseo students can study abroad through the SUNY study abroad consortium, which offers over 900 programs. 

Academic Programs – What do you want to study while abroad? 

Think about: What’s your major? Do you want to satisfy major requirements, general education requirements, or just want to study something of interest to you? 

Geneseo and the SUNY study abroad consortium offers study abroad programs that address the academic needs of students of ALL MAJORS.

How can I find out more about studying abroad?
  • Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor - To talk to one of our advisors/interns, use the “Request an Advising Appointment” link on our homepage to set up an appointment. You can also stop by the Study Abroad Office (Erwin Hall 218) for drop-in peer advisement.
  • Browse study abroad program pages- Program pages contain information about dates, costs, application deadlines, eligibility requirements, and much more
  • Attend an Information Session- Specific information sessions are offered at the start of every semester. For information on when the information sessions will occur, please check the announcements listed on the SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad Office homepage or our social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).
  • Watch out for emails with information session dates/times. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here.
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair- Every semester SUNY Geneseo hosts a study abroad fair. At the fair students can learn about all their program options through Geneseo, other SUNYs, and hear from faculty leaders and study abroad alumni. 
Do any of the study abroad programs have a language requirement?

Yes. Each program has its own program page, and you can find language and eligibility requirements on those pages. Go to this link to be taken to the Geneseo Study Abroad Office homepage and click “Search Programs” to begin browsing program pages.

How do I apply to study abroad?

Applications for SUNY Geneseo study abroad programs are collected using the Horizons online application system. To begin an application visit the program page and click “Apply Now.” The system will guide a student through all required steps. 

To apply to other SUNY study abroad programs, you can apply directly to the facilitating university and contact their office with any specific questions.

When are the applications due?

Each program is different. Deadlines can be found on the program page. Generally students need to apply the semester before they wish to go abroad. General application opening dates and deadlines can be found here on our webpage.

Will my credits transfer?

Every student that studies abroad on a SUNY-sponsored study abroad program is guaranteed to receive at minimum free elective credit. To apply credit to your major/minor, you must speak to your individual academic department, and complete a Course Approval Form. For SUNY Geneseo programs, please see the grade/credit conversion chart for our host institution programs.

Can I apply for more than one program per application?

Yes, please list the programs you will be applying for in order of preference. When you list more than one program on your application, you will be considered for your first choice. You will only be offered your second or third choice if your first choice is not available or if you are rejected from your first choice. 

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Each program is different and Interns and Advisors are here to help students understand the cost of studying abroad. Cost information is available on each individual program page. If a program page does not have cost information, it is because the cost information is yet to be determined for that upcoming term. Students can consult a previous term cost to get an idea of program cost.

Can I apply financial aid to study abroad?

Students who receive financial aid generally are able to apply that assistance while studying abroad, but you should speak with the Financial Aid Office for more information. For summer programs, you generally must take at least six credits to access their financial aid.

Why do I need a passport and what should I do if I don't have one/mine will expire soon?

Your passport information is required to book any international flights and is often requested by the host institution upon your acceptance to the program.

For the most up-to-date and accurate passport requirements, plus everything else passport related (lost or stolen passports, passport corrections), consult the US Department of State passport website. If you already have your passport, be sure that it is valid for at least 6 months after your intended return from studying abroad.  Otherwise, you must renew your passport.

Do I book my own flight?

It depends on the program. The Study Abroad Office arranges a group flight for most faculty-led programs. Students book their own flights for the semester and host institution programs. Contact a Study Abroad Advisor for more information.

Will I need health insurance while I am abroad?

All students studying on a SUNY-sponsored study abroad program are required to have international health insurance. Details about health insurance are available on our “Health and Safety Abroad” webpage.

Are there scholarship opportunities for studying abroad?

Geneseo administers its own scholarships and the Study Abroad Office can also connect students to scholarship opportunities outside of Geneseo. Scholarship information can also be found on our scholarship webpage.

Is there a minimum GPA to study abroad?

Yes for the majority of programs, but not for all. Eligibility requirements, including GPA requirements are found on the program pages.

When am I eligible to study abroad?

It depends on the type of program. Eligibility requirements are found on the program pages.

When will I found out if I've been accepted?

Generally, you will be notified via email of your acceptance within 7-10 days of the application deadline.  Upon your acceptance, you will have 7 days to decide whether you accept the offer of admission, and a deposit will be due. 

If finances are a concern and you are uncertain if you can pay the deposit, please contact the Study Abroad Office to discuss alternative arrangements

Can I study abroad more than once?

Absolutely! With proper academic and financial planning, students have studied abroad two, three, four, and even five times! It is common for students to participate in a short-term program and later choose to study abroad for a semester program.

How has Study Abroad been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please see our Study Abroad COVID-19 FAQ webpage for more information.