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Meet the Members: President's Commission on Sustainability

Co-Chair Meg Reitz, Associate Director, Department of Residence Life

Co-Chair Ahmad Almomani, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Kris Dreessen, Manager of Editorial Services, Office of Communications and Marketing

David Norton, Associate Director for Facilities Planning, Facilities Services

Kristi Hannam, Associate Professor, Department of Biology

Adam Vogler, Grounds Staff, Facilities Services

Jeremy Hall, Institutional Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research

Steve Schunk, Energy Manager, Facilities Services

Jonna Anne, Managing Director of Restaurants and Cafes, Campus Auxiliary Services

Karleen West, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations

Bob Boyd, Lecturer and Internship Director, School of Business

Jon Heininger, Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Enrollment Management

Jeffrey Polino, Director of Development, College Advancement

Susan Salmon, Assistant Professor, School of Education

Rick Coloccia, Network Manager, Computing and Information Technology

Carlo Filice, Professor, Department of Philosophy

Kathryn Fredericks, Assistant Professor of French, Languages and Literature

Andrea Klein, Director of Campus Scheduling and Events, Office of the Provost

Olaocha Nwabara, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Dave Robertson, Professor, Department of Geography

Renee Allen, Student

Fleurian Filkins, Student

Katie Singleton, Student

Enrico Johnson, Assistant Provost for Budget and Facilities, Office of the Provost (ex officio)

Dan DeZarn, Director of Sustainability, Office of Sustainability (ex officio)