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Meet the Members

Co-Chair Meg Reitz, Associate Director, Department of Residence Life
Co-Chair Eric Helms, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Jenny Apple, Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Kris Dreessen, Manager of Editorial Services, Office of Communications and Marketing
David Norton, Associate Director for Facilities Planning, Facilities Services
Kristi Hannam, Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Kerry Pickering, Head Grounds Supervisor, Facilities Services
Matt Austin, Lieutenant, University Police Department
Ken Cooper, Associate Professor, Department of English
Colleen Garrity, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
Jeremy Hall, Institutional Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research
Steve Schunk, Plant Utilities Engineer, Facilities Services
Jonna Anne, Managing Director of Restaurants and Cafes, Campus Auxiliary Services
Enrico Johnson, Assistant Provost for Budget and Facilities, Office of the Provost
Dan DeZarn, Director of Sustainability, Office of Sustainability