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Photo Name Expertise Department Edit Listing
Al Abonado English
Caroline Beltz-Hosek English
Portrait of Irene Belyakov-Goodman Irene Belyakov-Goodman English, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL), Linguistics
Image of Sonya Bilocerkowycz Sonya Bilocerkowycz Creative Writing English
Melanie Blood Melanie Blood American drama, theatre, musical theatre English, Women and Gender Studies, Office of the Provost, Music and Musical Theatre
Photo of Johannes Bockwoldt Johannes Bockwoldt English
Image of Mark Broomfield in a black tshirt and cap Mark Broomfield English
Portrait of Mark Broomfield Mark Broomfield Black / Africana Studies, English
Photo of Ken Cooper Ken Cooper English, American Studies, Eco House Fellows
Lisa D'Angelo English
Portrait of Christopher Dahl, SUNY Geneseo's 12th college President Christopher Dahl English
Image of Rob Doggett Rob Doggett W. B. Yeats, Irish Studies, British and Irish Modernist Literature English
Graham Drake Graham Drake English, Linguistics
Celia Easton 18th-Century Literature, Jane Austen, Early Women Writers, Teaching of Writing, Diversity Studies English
Portrait photo Sam Fallon English
black and white image of Fenn against brick wall Jess Fenn English
Richard Finkelstein English
Photo of Kristen Gentry Kristen Gentry English, Black / Africana Studies
Photo of Ed Gillin Ed Gillin English, American Studies
picture of Goga in shirt, tie and jacket, looking directly at camera George Goga English
Portrait of Tom Greenfield Tom Greenfield English
Photo of Rachel Hall Rachel Hall English
Bill Harrison English
Portrait of Ron Herzman Ron Herzman English
Wes Kennison Weston Kennison English, Global Languages and Cultures
Portrait of Lydia Kertz Lydia Yaitsky Kertz English
Portrait of Maria Lima Maria Helena Lima English, Black / Africana Studies, Latin American Studies
Kiara Massar English
Photo of Beth McCoy Beth McCoy English, American Studies, Black / Africana Studies
Image of Olaocha Nwabara Olaocha Nwadiuto Nwabara English, Black / Africana Studies
Advisor Gillian Paku English
Photo of Gillian Paku Gillian Paku English
Alice Rutkowski sits on a bench outside in a white shirt Alice Rutkowski English, Women and Gender Studies, American Studies
Photo of Paul Schacht Paul Schacht English
Photo of Lytton Smith Lytton Smith Icelandic literature, Poetics, Creative Writing, Citizenship, Translation, Design Thinking English, Black / Africana Studies, Center for Integrative Learning (CIL)
Gene Stelzig Gene Stelzig English
Caroline Woidat English, Native American Studies, American Studies